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The General Manager
Hornsby Shire Council
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16 April 2012

Dear Sir

BDCA 2012 - 005: Dangerous embankment - Berowra Waters Railway Station Car Park, south end

We would congratulate Cityrail for the car parking facilities that were recently established at Berowra Railway station and look forward to their future enlargement to accommodate the overflow that is still occurring in the surrounding streets.

However more immediately we have been concerned by a safety issue that we noted on the south end of the car park.

That being that the fencing along the edge of the car park and at the top of the railway embankment was removed during the construction phase and not replaced.

The gap that remains allows pedestrian access to this bank which "children" have used to spray graffiti on to the "power" box some way down the embankment.

We know that this sort of vandalism is unwanted by all, however we note that the drop on to the rail level is unprotected and hope that this can be remedied sooner rather than later.

We feel that it is our duty to report these to you as responsible local residents.

We are available to meet your representatives on site to assist in identifying the problems highlighted below.

We would welcome your comment and perhaps a planned date when this would be rectified.

Yours faithfully
Berowra and District Community Association Inc.

John Farquhar - Mob. Ph. 0419 991 791
CC Matt Kean - State Member for Hornsby

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