Berowra & District Community Association Inc
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Secretary: Robyn Borkovic Tel: (02) 9456 3011

The General Manager
Hornsby Shire Council
PO Box 37
Hornsby NSW 2077

16 April 2012

Dear Sir

BDCA 2012 - 001 - footpath on Pacific Highway from Rickard to Goodwyn Roads

We would congratulate council for the services and facilities that exist and are cared for in our area and trust that these continue for the benefit of all shire residents.

However we have been alerted by residents to several safety issues in our area that are a Workplace Health and Safety concern and we believe that it is your duty of care towards the community that such issues should be repaired as necessary and promptly.

We feel that it is our duty to report these to you as responsible residents and ratepayers.

We believe that the following issue may be Council's responsibility to police or have in-house staff repair or maintain:

BCDA 2012 - 001 footpath. - Pacific Highway between Rickard Road and Goodwyn Road

The footpath has been lifted by tree roots over several years and despite attempts initially by grinding and subsequently by asphalt fill to smooth the path for walkers (mainly commuters to and from the trains), the height of the lift is considerable thus giving an uneven surface and trip hazard. It is especially difficult for disabled and or wheelchair users not to say pram pushing parents on route to the child care centre nearby.

We are available to meet with a representative to highlight our concern on site if you would contact me with details of when your representative would be available.

We would welcome your comment and perhaps a planned date when this would be rectified.

Yours faithfully
Berowra and District Community Association Inc.

John Farquhar -- Mob. Ph. 0419 991 791

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